The area covers the municipalities of Gorenja vas - Poljane, Škofja Loka, Železniki and Žiri.
  • stone bridge


Stone (or Capuchin) bridge

A promenade through the historical town begins on Stone bridge or Capuchin’s bridge which takes you to the Upper square. The bridge was built by bishop Leopold in the middle of the 14th century. The fate wanted that the same bishop, riding across the fenceless bridge, together with his startled horse fell from the bridge and got drowned in the water. The bridge was built from carved stone in the semicircular form. It was restored in the year 1888 and equipped with iron fence. In the middle of the bridge statue of saint John of Nepomuk with the seal of Škoja Loka engraved in the socle was set up. In the Middle Ages there was Selca’s gate with its guarding tower by the bridge. With its respectable age of more than 600 years the Capuchin’s bridge is one of the oldest monuments of its architectural kind in the Central Europe.