The area covers the municipalities of Gorenja vas - Poljane, Škofja Loka, Železniki and Žiri.
  • castle of Škofja loka


Castle of Škofja Loka

Old town core is consisted from Upper - Town square called Plac and Lower square called Lontrg both dominated by the Castle of Škofja Loka which bids the visitors welcome at the entrance to the town. It must have been built before the year 1202 because it was described as very firm in the document from the same year. The castle was built by the bishops of Freising and it was the place of administrator of the Loka dominion and of the granary-administrator. It was also lodging for the bishop when he was on leave. The Castle was almost totally demolished in the earthquake in 1511 but it was restored by the bishop Filip. There stood once mighty square tower in the Castle’s courtyard, which ground plan’s sizes are still preserved and restored. Nowadays there is Museum in the Castle, entertainments are held in Castle church and marriages are possible in the Castle, too.